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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Why Blog?

As this is only my second post, I guess it is obvious that I am not comfortable with blogging yet. Why in the world do I want to put my inner thoughts and personal reflections out there for anyone to read? Why in the world would anyone be interested in what I have to say? The recent explosion in the number of people journaling online is mind-boggling. What is it about this need to make our private thoughts public?

Today there are blogs on most any topic you can think of. I suppose it is empowering to add the two cents of the average citizen into the blogosphere? In this volitile election season this medium also perpetuates lies, gossip and innuendo. The viral nature of the Web allows falsehoods to continually be spread. Where is the balance. How do we teach people to weigh what they read and use good judgment to distinguish between fact and opinion?

If anyone is reading this I must tell you upfront that everything written here is based on my personal opinion.

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Obama and Biden

Team Obama

has the vision, leadership, and ability to bring diverse people
together to accomplish a common purpose. Biden has the steady voice of
experience and wisdom that comes from his many years of public service.
Biden is the only senior senator who really isn’t a "Washington
Insider." How could he be when he takes the train home to Deleware
every night? Biden shores up Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience.
He will be a wise advisor and loyal support. I’ve long admired Joe
Biden, since 2004 I’ve been inspired by Barack Obama. I’m delighted the
two have joined forces. Together they represent the best of what
America was, is, and can be again.
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